You Are Beautiful!


Welcome to Sunshine Life Solutions! I’m so happy you’re there!

I’ve put together some really awesome and unique ways for you to be reminded of  just how beautiful you are!  We all like to feel beautiful on the outside, but remember, it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most – there’s lots here for that too!

First, I want you to check out my SHOPPE where you’ll find all kinds of wonderful goodies to help you remember just how beautiful you are.  Just click the “shoppe now” button below. Shoppe Now!


Next, I want you to be reminded …. EVERY SINGLE DAY …..of just how beautiful you are!  There’s something here for everyone.friends

Because you are unique and perfect you have a story to tell and that’s why I want you to please please please  SHARE your story with other women!   Tell us all about – WHERE YOU’VE BEEN – WHAT YOU’VE CONQUERED – AND – WHAT YOU DO TO REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR INNER BEAUTY.

When we share we help our sisters – so share you STRUGGLES and YOUR ULTIMATE TRIUMPHS!!

We want to hear where that inner strength – that true inner beauty –  comes from!  (click the share button below)



When you need a little pick me up, my INSPIRE page is chock full of affirmations, beautiful photos, quotes and more.  I believe that thinking positive thoughts creates a positive life, so I’ve put together some of my very favorites – morning meditations, evening affirmations and much, much more. Check it out and tell me what you think! If you have a favorite that’s not listed, shoot me an email and I will definitely add it to the bunch!

On my LEARN page, I will soon be offering some really cool on-line classes.  These are still a work in progress (putting this all together takes time!) But it will happen soon – I promise! Until then, sign up below and I will let you know when they are up and running! Contact Us
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Take some time to browse around. My wish is that you find something here to remind you of just how beautiful you are – both inside and out!

And remember…….you-are-beautiful-i-whisper-slider

Sending you hugs –  Susan Marie ♥