Meet Coach Susan Marie

SueInsertCoach Susan Marie helps women in transition re-ignite their inner fire and once again believe in their own unique beauty.

After divorce and trauma lead her to hire a coach for herself, Susan knew that she must share this precious gift she had been given with other women as well. 

Now a single mother of 2 amazing young adults, Susan started her coaching business in 2009 in order to help other women deal with their own lack of self-worth and confusion that can spring from sudden, and at times traumatic life changes.

While raising her family, Susan spent over 10 years homeschooling her children while at the same time chairing many volunteer programs through her church and community.

Today Susan offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching, to on-line WorldCoachInstitute_Instructorworkshops and retreats.  She is also the owner of You Are Beautiful Sunshine Shoppe where she shares her favorite “BEAUTIFUL” products with others.

Susan is also a volunteer addiction and recovery coach at and for the past year and a half has had the privilege of instructing for World Coach Institute.

Susan believes in giving back and will never turn anyone away due to their financial situation.

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