The result of this coaching has been to give me a much stronger sense of who I am, and what motivates, inspires, and matters to me, and also a sense of direction for the future. Having drifted for a number of years, and not really known what I wanted to do/who I wanted to be, this life coaching has been invaluable. I have found that already, mere days after completing the life coaching, I have more confidence in my decisions, choices, and abilities, and a greater sense of overall security and positivity. Susan’s style of coaching was particularly well suited to me: her ability to listen, understand (even when I was extremely vague), and help me to focus on what was important was a real gift. Even more important than this, was her refusal to let me hide behind excuses and negative thinking, and the way she challenged my outdated self-conceptions and judgments. I’m so grateful for this experience: I only wish I had tried life coaching years ago

 Deborah K. – U.K.

Coach Sue has been my Life Coach for a few months and has helped me learn to focus on issues that are important to me, one week at a time.  Through her coaching, I have learned to deal with hurtful personality traits in others.  She has been instrumental in helping me to become a happier person.

Randi – Fox Lake, IL

Coach Sue is a wonderful instructor. She provides great feedback while always being encouraging at the same time. You can hear that she truly cares about each student, both as a person and as an emerging coach. Also, she is passionate about developing great coaches who can help their clients create transformational change
Sheila A.

I was very fortunate to have Susan Battis as my coach at a time in my life when I was undergoing many changes and facing many challenges. She helped to keep me focussed and plan my weekly activities to my best advantage. I would have not achieved as much as I have in the time that I did, had it not been for Susan’s coaching. I am very grateful for the help that I received from Susan and I would highly recommend her as an excellent coach.

Devarani Robinson – U.K.